About Maidens of the Pacific & Sara Knighton


Are you a Maiden?
The dictionary defines a maiden as a girl or young woman, calling out that it’s often specifically an unmarried one. As an adjective, a Maiden is being or involving the first attempt or act of its kind, “the ship’s maiden voyage”.
I prefer a definition that is a loose combination of both, and then some!
As Maidens we are anything but ordinary and together we are as powerful as the sea itself.
Maidens of the Pacific is not a mass manufactured apparel and goods company. Everything I create is an extension of myself and a thoughtful expression of who I am – as a woman, surfer, crafter, maker, artist, activist, and environmentalist. All of my graphics are hand drawn and hand screened by me in my studio in Astoria, Oregon. All Maidens of the Pacific apparel is made in the USA and I make efforts to source locally to cut down on my carbon footprint.
My drawings come from my experiences in nature and my love for being outdoors. They find their way on to my apparel, patches, scarves, towels, bags and anything else my tribe might find useful. Useful! Fellow Maidens know the value of the products they purchase and consciously and with intention put their money where their heart is. Minimalists at heart, we support local artists and makers that create useful art, that combined makes us feel good and serves a purpose. If I have to wear clothes, I want them to be a reminder to Live. Laugh. Create!
I hope Maidens of the Pacific’s products make you feel alive, ready to live life to its fullest and enjoy your experience here on earth. My wish is that they encourage you to find joy and humor in the everyday – gently nudging us to keep it light and silly when possible, and to remember to make and share our creations. I create for many reasons, but mainly and most simply, because I can’t do anything else. It’s who I am at my core and my most authentic self.

So, are you a Maiden?
You are a lover of nature and with a deep respect for mother earth. You explore her beauty and stand in awe of her magic.
You draw inspiration from helping others, serving your community and taking care of your local open spaces.
You choose the products you purchase carefully and mindfully and support fellow makers.
You explore life like a new trail – carefully observing and joyfully taking it all in.
Sara Knighton is an artist and maker living in Astoria, Oregon. She has called Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon home. A self-taught surfer and Coast Guard Veteran, she has found her happiness making in the Pacific Northwest.